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  • A woman's hot flashes mean her heating bills are cheaper.
  • A duck tries not to make a duck face in a selfie.
  • A man is surprised to find that his date is a duck, since he thought she was just making a duck face in her profile picture.
  • A pelican in a police lineup is given away by the purse in his beak.
  • Jeweler gives Cupid money to shoot two lovers admiring jewelry.
  • A man's insurance won't cover a sponge bath, but will cover a sponge shower.
  • George Washington gets Eye of Providence from the dollar tattoo on his back.
  • When opening the bill, giant finds Fi Fo Fum plan added a fee.
  • Doctor tells patient HMO only covers use of x-ray glasses not real x-ray.
  • Santa Claus takes a snowman's coal to heat his house.
  • This family uses the wagging tails of their dogs as a power source.
  • A man spends a lot of money because he is a Wacky Packages collector.

You searched for: bills