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  • Porcupine pops all the bubbles in bathtub.
  • Cat and bird realize they are watching each other take baths.

  • Shower blinds were a marketing failure because they caused floods in the bathroom.
  • A man showers with dolphins instead of swimming with them.
  • Cats do good work in school by ignoring the teacher.
  • Yet another marketing failure: an ice shower.
  • Flower is jealous of husband getting a shower with neighboring flower.
  • Flies do laps in pools of soups of the day.
  • Female shirt in a tub tells male shirt they should wash separately.
  • Car with cat driver has bumper sticker that says driver may brake unexpectedly to briefly clean self.
  • Red Sox fan portrait show family unkempt due to superstition of bathing during winning streak.
  • Cat on phone has trouble speaking with fur in mouth after bath.

You searched for: bathe