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  • Cat cashier asks if cat wants paper bag but it’s already inside it.
  • Cat Halloween doesn’t get very far when all are hiding in their candy bags instead of trick-or-treating.
  • TSA Precheck turtle goes right through airline security without taking off shell.
  • Santa is unimpressed by man who brags about how much he can carry in one trip.
  • Seagull can't bring himself to share a photo of chips on social media.
  • PacMan overpacks his suitcase with ghosts and needs to check his bag.
  • Man eat donut holes, creature eats pie holes.

  • While cats sleep and wash, cat owner rakes living room of cat hair.

  • Congos Bakes Snakes parody Combo pretzel cheese snacks.
  • A praying mantis eats Crunchy Man Heads while watching TV.
  • A pick your own apple orchard weighs customers before and after to charge them for apples they eat.
  • A dog complains that trash bags are empty.

You searched for: bags