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  • After popping, balloon concedes that a bouquet of thorny roses was not a good idea.
  • Marketers raise razor prices only to find out men would rather have beards than pay more.

  • Shower blinds were a marketing failure because they caused floods in the bathroom.
  • A theme park closes because no one liked the grim reaper theme.
  • A gingerbread man gets another gingerbread man chattering teeth as a stocking stuffer, but they eat him.
  • Zombies throw their hands in the air and they fall off.
  • Yet another marketing failure: an ice shower.
  • Krazy IV is not as popular as straw because it takes too long to deliver medicine.
  • Holes in wiffle bowls make them ineffective.
  • Soldiers are dizzy coming out of rocking Trojan horse.
  • Cat attempts to claw through astronaut's air tube.
  • Band's name suggests that building is closed rather than a show going on.

You searched for: bad ideas