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  • Mother's creative writing class makes bedtime uneasy for Dewey dreaming of bedbugs.
  • An autumn leaf has a dream about falling out of the tree.
  • Christmas ornaments watch a movie called Nightmare Before Christmas where a cat bats at an ornament.
  • A boy has a dream about taking a test in school while naked.
  • Monsters are sad about Daylight Savings because there's less sleep for them to invade.
  • Gumby has nightmares about being made into a dreidel.
  • Cartoonist's spouses have nightmares where the cartoonists show them hundreds of unfunny cartoons.
  • A hermit crab has nightmares about losing his shell in public.
  • Mr. Bubble has nightmares about pop quizzes.
  • R2D2 has a nightmare of being smelled by lots of dogs.
  • A nudist has a nightmare that he's fully clothed in front of lots of people.
  • A man has a nightmare about being controlled by manipulative cats.

You searched for: bad dream