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  • Sal Monella's Deli is not having success at getting customers in the door.
  • A bacterium wears a t-shirt that says "That which does not kill me, makes me stronger."
  • Germ husband is killed by anti-bacterial soap wife bought.
  • Guard with a mace knocked out sneezing patrons at Middle Age buffets.
  • Man eating meat thinks flesh-eating bacteria are gross.
  • Grim reaper in training starts small with yogurt with live cultures.
  • Amoeba gets botox and makes the other cells jealous.
  • Doctor diagnoses patient's outbreak of children to be that an old woman had lived in his shoe.
  • During a dental cleaning the dentist finds troll under dental bridge.
  • Flesh-eating bacteria parents' unhappy teenage child chose a vegan diet to rebel against them.
  • A dentist puts his entire head inside his patient's mouth.

You searched for: bacteria