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  • A mouse in a maze goes faster when he's rewarded with bacon instead of cheese.
  • A man goes to a Francis Bacon exhibit thinking it was going to be actual bacon.
  • Dorothy orders heart healthy food, and the tin man orders bacon.
  • Hannibal Lecter enjoys his breakfast too much as a child.
  • Charlotte spells out bacon in her web as a hungry farmer eyes Wilbur the pig.
  • Unsung heroes display their no-so-super supernatural powers.
  • A pig on trial confesses in court in that he brought home the bacon.
  • The next step after customized ring tones for cell phones, are customized aromas and smells.
  • Extreme sports for everyone include frying bacon shirtless and removing a toddler's splinter.
  • A pig smoking cigarettes is smoked ham; a pig on the nicotine patch is a cured ham.
  • Kevin Bacon is frozen in the Antarctic.

You searched for: bacon