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  • Turkey apologizes to dance partner for stepping on foot, says he has two left drumsticks.
  • Star Wars Luke Skywalker turns into a werewolf when he sees a full moon but is embarrassed when Obi-Wan Kenobi tells him it’s a space station, the Death Star.
  • Pinata and piggybank awkwardly discover each plotting to smash the other.
  • Book signing for author who writes about avoiding eye contact is not busy.
  • Turkey wraps snood of partner to prevent embarrassment.
  • Pizza and pineapple couple sneak around because people don't think pineapple should go on pizza.

  • Turtle regrets getting a laptop because it's so uncomfortable for him to use not having a lap.
  • Sabertooth tigers have an argument because they're bad kissers.
  • A dog rescues a woman from boring conversations by pretending to need a walk.
  • An owl rotates its head around so it can look up while getting a back massage.
  • A woman reads how to break up with her boyfriend online.

You searched for: awkward