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  • Devil discovers that his misshapen pitchfork is not dishwasher safe.

  • A crash test dummy warns a man against buying a self-driving car.
  • Santa gets drones to deliver Christmas presents, but they don't work very well.
  • A robot calls his mom and she hangs up on him because she doesn't want robocalls.
  • Candy canes have been replaced by candy motor scooters.
  • A tattoo artist tells a client he wishes his needles had autocorrect.
  • Slinkys take a ski lift to the top of the stairs.
  • Two people ignore an elephant in their robot vacuum.
  • Lazy people at the gym use the elevatormaster instead of the stairmaster.
  • Man has second thoughts about usefulness of personal laptop dishwasher.
  • Technology we could use is a diaper where you insert a wipe to clean baby automatically.
  • Man gets implantable defibrillator that jolts heart and pokes you on Facebook.

You searched for: automatic