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  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • Cat Godzilla knocks over buildings of cups, pens, and knick knacks, thwarted only by a super soaker.
  • Honey bee fakes cramp after reading about dying after stinging someone.
  • Dogs trying to destroy the vacuum bite the cord to see what happens.
  • Soldier cats try to shoot a laser pointer's dot, but they can't destroy it.
  • In addition to oil, warriors use solar power to burn offenders.
  • Catherine Zeta Jones has a beta version.
  • Knight is envious of knight fighting bubble breathing dragon.
  • Knights not sure pouring refreshing water on attackers is good castle defense.
  • A declawed cat kicks a dog dummy in a self-defense class.
  • A young shark gets a victim for her birthday.

You searched for: attackers