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  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • A king and queen want to get their deck enclosed because arrows keep coming into their castle.
  • A man uses De-Skunker on a skunk instead of on his dog.
  • Howlister Clothing parodies Hollister Clothing.
  • Ants arrange themselves in a checkered pattern on a picnic blanket.
  • Dog makes up story about losing fight to Doberman despite having cat whisker on him.
  • Man on boat mistakes screaming for whale songs as big fish eats partner.
  • Woman gets good cell phone reception while at top of Empire State Building with King Kong.
  • Man in sound proof booth on game show is unaware of monster attacking the set.
  • Randy Jackson, American Idol judge, called his cat 'dawg' and then gets scratched.
  • The lates Pokemon cards are Buksuker, Tiktawfteacha, and Spinawfz.

You searched for: attacked