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  • Fish is eaten by shark while taking a selfie.
  • The Innocence Project helps exonerate and release the Kraken.
  • Consumers break the recommendations on products.
  • A kid gives a long excuse to his creative writing teacher and she gives him an A- on it.
  • Monsters like new car taste even better than new car smell.
  • Reindeers' return trip isn't easier because Santa gains weight back with milk and cookies.
  • Dog owner apologizes to Big Bird for dog eating Oscar out of trash can.
  • Groundhog asks a gardener if he can take photo of her plants for his eating blog.
  • Kids find only wrappers in pinata as squirrel ate all the candy.

  • Ants, who don't see dog, can't understand why house has no scraps on the floor.
  • After trying to get pet fish to eat school homework, boy asks mom for a dog.
  • Grim reaper with chocolate on his mouth must be death by chocolate.

You searched for: ate