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  • Abraham Lincoln always gets the top hat playing piece in Monopoly.
  • Columbus' GPS recalculates when he lands in the Americas.
  • Christopher Columbus steals Leif Ericson's tweet about discovering the new world.
  • Paul Revere hits a yellow jacket nest as a child and warns everyone that they're coming.
  • Paul Revere warns everyone about the British, but the dentist is excited because their teeth are bad.
  • Forget the Hoover Dam -- President Hoover knows how to darn his socks.
  • Columbus has depression.
  • Abraham Lincoln wears complete stove as his formal hat.
  • Hiding Easter eggs are betrayed not by Benedict Arnold, but by Eggs Benedict.
  • George Washington gets Eye of Providence from the dollar tattoo on his back.
  • Abraham Lincoln's kids use logs from cabin as Lincoln Log toys.
  • Faye realizes the Columbus, Ohio costume she made for her son was misguided.

You searched for: american history