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  • Angel discovers halos above head are actually spy drones.
  • Airplane diffuses pumpkin spice scent into the air in the fall.

  • Everything I needed to know I learned from Peanuts characters.
  • Daughter thinks phone in airplane mode is a toy airplane to throw outside.
  • Stork is out of work because drones now deliver babies.
  • Santa curses drones that hit his reindeers while flying.
  • Norman feeds himself in airplane mode after feeding baby.
  • A lazy Lego husband buys his wife a bunch of Lego blocks and tells her she can decide for herself what she wants to make out of them.
  • A pilot says he hopes the turbulence didn't wake up his passengers, because it woke up him and his copilot.
  • Santa gets drones to deliver Christmas presents, but they don't work very well.
  • An airport charges $25 extra for respect.

You searched for: airplane