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Leaf cartoon # 2013-12-04 (1 of 42)

Pine Tree Drops Needles

pine tree, naked, needles, drop, behavior, discipline, embarrass, laugh,

Leaf cartoon # 2013-10-19 (2 of 42)

Pumpkin’s Wandering Vines

Pumpkin is tired of husband’s wandering vines touching other pumpkins.

Leaf cartoon # 2013-09-18 (3 of 42)

No One Pruned In Seventies

prune, leaves, branches, television, seventies, overgrown, style, decade,

cartoon # 2012-09-30 (4 of 42)

Green Dye Disguises Leaf Age

youth, tree, leaves, autumn, aging, green dye

Leaf cartoon # 2012-07-11 (5 of 42)

Protected Gutters

KEYWORD1 2012-07-11 home homes house houses home ownership home improvement home improvement

Leaf cartoon # 2011-12-10 (6 of 42)

Never Changing Pine

KEYWORD1 2011-12-10 tree trees anthropomorphic leaf leaves fall falling autumn

Leaf cartoon # 2011-11-10 (7 of 42)

Downhill Leaves

KEYWORD1 2011-11-10 yard yards yard work home homes house houses relax

Leaf cartoon # 2011-06-17 (8 of 42)

Adam’s Dirty Laundry

KEYWORD1 2011-06-17 bible bibles bible story bible stories biblical story biblical stories r

Leaf cartoon # 2011-05-12 (9 of 42)

Ant Heart Leaves

KEYWORD1 2011-05-12 bug bugs ant ants love romance fate sign

Leaf cartoon # 2011-03-29 (10 of 42)

Stranded Loves Me Not

KEYWORD1 2011-03-29 island islands deserted deserted island deserted islands insult insults

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