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Zilla cartoon # 2014-08-09 (1 of 146)

Godzilla Blows Wind Turbines

godzilla, windmill, blow, wish, dandelion, destroy, break,

Zilla cartoon # 2014-07-22 (2 of 146)

Fall Of Rugzilla

cat, rug, rugzilla, sci fi, ruin, scratch, destroy, save, destruction,

cartoon # 2014-06-15 (3 of 146)

Father’s Day 2014

father's day, family, cartoon, idea, day off,

Zilla cartoon # 2014-05-10 (4 of 146)

Mack And Cheese

godzilla, favorite, food, mack truck, macaroni and cheese, eat, lunch, mother, child,

cartoon # 2014-02-23 (5 of 146)

Godzillas Trample People

godzilla, walk, beach, romance, trample, people, couple,

Zilla cartoon # 2014-02-22 (6 of 146)

Godzilla’s Mothra

godzilla, mothra, mother, therapy, therapist, blame, childhood, problem,

Zilla cartoon # 2013-12-18 (7 of 146)

Godzilla’s Advent Calendar

godzilla, dinosaur, advent calendar, christmas, building, door, eat, snack, apartment,

cartoon # 2013-09-29 (8 of 146)

Tokyo’s Destroyed Architecture

godzilla, tokyo, building, city, architecture, destroyed, disappointed,

Zilla cartoon # 2013-06-08 (9 of 146)

Godzilla Devours Five Guys

five guys, eat, godzilla, monster, five, men, bite,

cartoon # 2012-07-01 (10 of 146)

Godzilla’s Destruction Trending On Twitter

2012-07-01, Godzilla, twitter, destroy, city, popularity, social networking

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