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Writing cartoon # 2014-06-30 (1 of 66)

C3PO Can’t Read Script

star wars, c3po, fluent, language, pharmacy, prescription, doctor, illegible, handwriting,

Writing cartoon # 2014-04-18 (2 of 66)

Internet Nursery Rhyme

dad, child, bedtime, nursery rhyme, jack and jill, writer, headline, entice,

Writing cartoon # 2014-02-17 (3 of 66)

Dog Needs New Speech Writer

dog, public speaking, politics, speech writer, meow, language, new, speech,

Writing cartoon # 2014-01-21 (4 of 66)

Letter In A Bottle Writer’s Block

island, stranded, bottle, letter, writer’s block, long, three, yell, procrastinate,

cartoon # 2014-01-05 (5 of 66)

Dog’s Unfinished Resolution

dog, new year, resolution, distract, resolve, chase, squirrel, unfinished,

Writing cartoon # 2013-09-21 (6 of 66)

Thief Misspells Stickup In Note

thief, stickup, note, correct, bank, grammar, spelling, revise, edit,

Writing cartoon # 2013-08-02 (7 of 66)

The Plunger Games Parodies The Hunger Games

book, the plunger games, the hunger games, parody, toilet, plunger, brand, clogged,

Writing cartoon # 2013-04-19 (8 of 66)

Zorro’s Email Signature Sword Scary

zorro, email, signature, sword, afraid, computer,

Writing cartoon # 2013-01-24 (9 of 66)

Student Reaches 500 Word Requirement .....

student, teacher, assignment, writing, adjective, noun, descriptive, words, requirement,

Writing cartoon # 2012-10-10 (10 of 66)

Frankenstein solves Einstein’s equation with fire = bad.

Frenkenstein, scientist, equation, fire = bad

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