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Witch cartoon # 2015-01-05 (1 of 58)

Cookie Monster Eats House

witch, gingerbread, house, eat, cookie monster, damage, repair, contractor, suspect,

Witch cartoon # 2014-10-16 (2 of 58)

Head South to Banana Bread House

witch, gingerbread house, banana bread, south, snowbird, move,

Witch cartoon # 2014-09-09 (3 of 58)

Wicked Witch Ice Bucket Challenge

wicked witch of the west, ice bucket challenge, ice, cold, pour, melt, kill, wrong, charity,

Witch cartoon # 2014-06-27 (4 of 58)

Witch’s Daughter Delays Bed


water, melt, wicked witch of the west, child, glass, bedtime, delay,

cartoon # 2013-10-27 (5 of 58)

Spell Warning

witch, spell, toad, frog, dialogue box, check, prince, change, transform, warning,

Witch cartoon # 2013-10-24 (6 of 58)

Witch Wants Wine With Legs

Witch asks if the wine will have legs.

Witch cartoon # 2012-12-26 (7 of 58)

Witch Nose of Newt Return

witch, magic, customer service, eye of newt,

Witch cartoon # 2012-10-17 (8 of 58)

World of Wartcraft vs Warcraft Gaming

Warcraft video game, world of wartcraft parody

Witch cartoon # 2011-10-06 (9 of 58)

What Monsters Listen To

KEYWORD1 2011-10-06 parody parodies music song songs sing singing sings

cartoon # 2011-06-05 (10 of 58)

Glinda’s Airtight Alibi

KEYWORD1 2011-06-05 parody parodies the wizard of oz story stories children story children&a

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