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Waiters cartoon # 2014-11-12 (1 of 45)

Neat Instead Of Sloppy Joe

godzilla, restaurant, order, sloppy joe, neat, tuxedo, complain, wrong,

Waiters cartoon # 2014-10-03 (2 of 45)

Moon Isn’t Full

moon, restaurant, order, dessert, full, hungry, more,

Waiters cartoon # 2014-04-11 (3 of 45)

Dried Out Cat Food Complaint

cat, cat food, dried, complain, waiter, restaurant, picky, reason,

Waiters cartoon # 2014-03-18 (4 of 45)

Bart Simpson Hair In Soup

restaurant, service, hair, spike, soup, complaint, bart simpson, chef, cooking,

Waiters cartoon # 2013-11-22 (5 of 45)

Death By Chocolate For Dog

dog, restaurant, order, menu, dessert, chocolate, death, wife,

Waiters cartoon # 2013-11-06 (6 of 45)

Dorothy Orders Heart Healthy

the wizard of oz, dorothy, tinman, heart, healthy, unhealthy, bacon, order, restaurant,

cartoon # 2013-10-20 (7 of 45)

Left And Right Brain Orders

zombie, dinner, restaurant, waiter, brain, order,

Waiters cartoon # 2013-07-23 (8 of 45)

Anteater Finds Fly In Ants

anteater, waiter, restaurant, meal, ant, fly, complain, displeased,

cartoon # 2013-06-16 (9 of 45)

Father’s Day 2013

father's day, family, cartoon, idea, day off,

Waiters cartoon # 2013-06-15 (10 of 45)

Waiter apologizes for butterfly shrimp delay while chef tries to catch them.

restaurant, shrimp, butterfly, delay, catch, chef, apology, waiter,

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