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Vote cartoon # 2013-12-30 (1 of 32)

Thumbs Up Or Down

photograph, website, internet, like, dislike, vote, choose, decision, knight, hat, sword,

Vote cartoon # 2012-11-06 (2 of 32)

Howie Vs. Vermin

KEYWORD1 2012-11-06 debate debates debating politics political vote voting candidate

Vote cartoon # 2012-02-29 (3 of 32)

Leap Election Years

KEYWORD1 2012-02-29 calendar calendars leap year extra days day february four years

Vote cartoon # 2011-11-08 (4 of 32)

Island Tie Vote

KEYWORD1 2011-11-08 island islands deserted deserted island deserted islands tie ties tied

Vote cartoon # 2010-11-02 (5 of 32)

Frustrated Internet Troll

KEYWORD1 2010-11-02 vote votes voting poll polls voting booth voting booths voter

Vote cartoon # 2009-11-03 (6 of 32)

Two-Faced Mr. Potatohead

KEYWORD1 2009-11-03 election day politics politician politicians debate debates debating op

Vote cartoon # 2009-02-05 (7 of 32)

Nude Beach Voting

KEYWORD1 2009-02-05 fitness physique out of shape naked nude nude beach swimwear vote

cartoon # 2008-11-16 (8 of 32)

Demonized Election

KEYWORD1 2008-11-16 religion religions belief beliefs religious beliefs hell devil devils

Vote cartoon # 2008-03-06 (9 of 32)

Dog Flea Opinion Poll

KEYWORD1 2008-03-06 dog dogs canine canines pet pets animal animals

Vote cartoon # 2007-11-06 (10 of 32)

Motion-Sensitive Voting Political Machines

KEYWORD1 2007-11-06 left right vote votes voting voting booth voting booths motion-sensitiv

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