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Tired cartoon # 2015-01-28 (1 of 48)

Turbulence Waking

airplane, pilot, admit, turbulence, awaken, sleep, cockpit, apologize, passenger,

Tired cartoon # 2015-01-21 (2 of 48)

Cat Part Alarm Clock

cat, cat owner, complain, breed, siamese, tabby, alarm clock, wake, morning, meow, loud,

Tired cartoon # 2014-07-09 (3 of 48)

King Binge Watches Jester

jester, king, entertain, binge, watch, overindulge, trick,

Tired cartoon # 2014-04-15 (4 of 48)

Instant Message Woofs

dog, computer, instant message, late, bedtime, communication, woof,

Tired cartoon # 2013-10-19 (5 of 48)

Pumpkin’s Wandering Vines

Pumpkin is tired of husband’s wandering vines touching other pumpkins.

cartoon # 2013-02-03 (6 of 48)

Banana Ripens While Waiting

banana, pear, wait, long, ripe, brown, woman, ready,

cartoon # 2013-01-20 (7 of 48)

OCD Counting Sheep

sleep, awake, sheep, counting, obsessive compulsive disorder, mental health, problem,

Tired cartoon # 2012-09-12 (8 of 48)

Multiply Sheep

KEYWORD1 2012-09-12 sheep anthropomorphic animal animals mammal mammals sleep sleeping

Tired cartoon # 2012-09-10 (9 of 48)

Dog Hires Greeter

KEYWORD1 2012-09-10 dog dogs canine canines pet pets animal animals

Tired cartoon # 2012-05-02 (10 of 48)

5-hour Enemy

KEYWORD1 2012-05-02 brand brands parody parodies logo logos product products

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