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Therapy cartoon # 2014-08-18 (1 of 176)

Lego’s Nightmare

lego, therapy, nightmare, stick, floor, therapy, psychology, diagnose, problem, feet,

Therapy cartoon # 2014-08-08 (2 of 176)

Superman Thinks Of Escaping Therapy

superman, therapy, lois, psychologist, fly, superhero, escape, problem,

Therapy cartoon # 2014-05-03 (3 of 176)

Chicken Wants Free Range

chicken, free range, sex, counseling, marriage, relationship, complain, cheat,

Therapy cartoon # 2014-04-29 (4 of 176)

Oscar Denies Being Hoarder

oscar the grouch, hoarder, trash, garbage can, throw out, deny, therapy, psychologist,

Therapy cartoon # 2014-02-22 (5 of 176)

Godzilla’s Mothra

godzilla, mothra, mother, therapy, therapist, blame, childhood, problem,

Therapy cartoon # 2014-02-01 (6 of 176)

Good Grief Question

peanuts, charlie brown, therapist, therapy, good grief, question,

Therapy cartoon # 2014-01-20 (7 of 176)

Reason For Man’s Dream

therapy, dream, same, cat, breath, fish, smelly, sleep, chest, sit, watch, crush, fish,

Therapy cartoon # 2013-12-16 (8 of 176)

Santa See Naughty People

santa, psychiatrist, naughty, confess,

Therapy cartoon # 2013-11-08 (9 of 176)

Emperor Embraces Nudity

psychologist, emperor’s new clothes, nude, nudist, admit, embrace, discovery,

Therapy cartoon # 2013-07-18 (10 of 176)

Angry Birds Leave Therapy As Birds

angry birds, video game, therapist, psychology, happy, relaxed,

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