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Swindle cartoon # 2014-05-13 (1 of 10)

Lightning Can’t Hit Twice

heaven, game, lightning, bolt, difficult, win, lose, hit, twice, same, gods,

Swindle cartoon # 2014-04-05 (2 of 10)

Fibber One Parodies Fiber One

parody, breakfast, bar, fiber one, fibber one, lie, liar, deceive, dishonest, false, claim,

Swindle cartoon # 2013-12-20 (3 of 10)

Fake Water For Tree

fake, christmas tree, water, salesman, sucker, convince, swindle,

cartoon # 2012-02-26 (4 of 10)

Nut Mixer

KEYWORD1 2012-02-26 bar bars drink drinking imbibe imbibing alcohol liquor

Swindle cartoon # 2009-06-24 (5 of 10)

Window Replacement Doors Contractors

KEYWORD1 2009-06-24 take it from me always check the work before you make the final payment home

Swindle cartoon # 2001-02-03 (6 of 10)


KEYWORD1 2001-02-03 sting musics rock rock and roll guitar guitars steve steve austin

Swindle cartoon # 1994-10-11 (7 of 10)


KEYWORD1 1994-10-11 invest investment investments amarna amarna investments egypt egyptian

Swindle cartoon # 1993-01-25 (8 of 10)


KEYWORD1 1993-01-25 trick tricks tricky tricked trickiness sneak sneaky sneakiness

Swindle cartoon # 1993-01-14 (9 of 10)


KEYWORD1 1993-01-14 butterfly butterflies bug bugs insect insects ladybug ladybugs

Swindle cartoon # 1992-05-05 (10 of 10)


KEYWORD1 1992-05-05 frog frogs amphibian amphibians swamp swamps swampland swamplands

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