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Sucking cartoon # 2013-10-18 (1 of 17)

Vampire Should Drink Designated Driver

Vampire drinks too much alcoholic blood and needs to switch to a designated driver.

Sucking cartoon # 2012-10-09 (2 of 17)


Dracular, vampire, breakfast, Humpty Dumpty, Philsbury Doughboy

cartoon # 2012-08-05 (3 of 17)

Leech Teenager Moves From Home

leech, family, teenager, mooching, leaving home, growing up

cartoon # 2012-07-29 (4 of 17)

Smarter-Vac Confirms Cleaning Objects

smart, vacuum, confirming, suck, floor, ring, lego

Sucking cartoon # 2011-10-21 (5 of 17)

Universal Recipient

KEYWORD1 2011-10-21 medical medicine health healthcare health care doctor doctors physician

Sucking cartoon # 2011-10-17 (6 of 17)

Lollipop Face-Licking

KEYWORD1 2011-10-17 candy candies lollipop lollipops lick licks licking inanimate object

cartoon # 2010-09-26 (7 of 17)

Windexing Fish

KEYWORD1 2010-09-26 parody parodies windex glass cleaner glass cleaners cleaner cleaners cl

Sucking cartoon # 2010-06-30 (8 of 17)

Less Suction

KEYWORD1 2010-06-30 medical medicine health healthcare health care doctor doctors physician

Sucking cartoon # 2006-10-06 (9 of 17)

Vampire's 18 Holes

KEYWORD1 2006-10-06 dracula draculas vampire vampires sport sports golf golfing

Sucking cartoon # 2004-04-10 (10 of 17)


KEYWORD1 2004-04-10 easter chocolate chocolates chocolate bunny chocolate bunnies vampire va

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