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Stage cartoon # 2014-05-17 (1 of 15)

Optimist’s Tombstone

grave, cemetery, mourner, optimist, tombstone, epitaph, zombie, step, death, corpse,

Stage cartoon # 2012-06-01 (2 of 15)

Butterfly Dates Caterpillar

KEYWORD1 2012-06-01 butterfly butterflies bug bugs insect insects anthropomorphic caterpill

Stage cartoon # 2011-02-02 (3 of 15)

Groundhog Performance

KEYWORD1 2011-02-02 ground hog ground hogs groundhog groundhogs groundhog day groundhogs day

Stage cartoon # 2010-12-17 (4 of 15)

Pack Rat Interventions

KEYWORD1 2010-12-17 rat rats rodent rodents pack rat pack rats hoard hoards

Stage cartoon # 2008-02-01 (5 of 15)

Stay Connected with Your Cell Phones Off

KEYWORD1 2008-02-01 speaker speakers podium podiums key to success keys to success success

Stage cartoon # 2007-09-06 (6 of 15)

Old-Fashioned Hand Clapping Confuses Band

KEYWORD1 2007-09-06 music rock and roll rock music singer singers performer performers musi

Stage cartoon # 2007-02-09 (7 of 15)


KEYWORD1 2007-02-09 bug bugs ticket tickets stomp trouble paradise trouble in paradise

Stage cartoon # 2006-11-29 (8 of 15)

Fly Singer giving Fan the Eye

KEYWORD1 2006-11-29 fly flies insect insects eye eyes eyeing eyed

Stage cartoon # 2006-11-22 (9 of 15)

Freebird Request at Concert inspires Food Donation

KEYWORD1 2006-11-22 concert concerts performance performances performer performers charity

Stage cartoon # 2006-08-26 (10 of 15)

Dog Juggles Vacuums

KEYWORD1 2006-08-26 dog dogs canine canines animal animals mammal mammals

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