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cartoon # 2014-04-13 (1 of 23)

Can’t Kill Laser Dot

cat, soldier, military, battle, shoot, gun, laser dot, win, lose, kill, attack, cat toy,

Soldiers cartoon # 2013-12-27 (2 of 23)

Dragon On Knight’s Jury

dragon, knight, courtroom, jury, judge, impartial, defense, decision,

Soldiers cartoon # 2013-01-25 (3 of 23)

Confessions Of A Vegetarian Beefeater Nutcracker

beefeater nutcracker, physchology, vegetarian, confession, therapy, meat, guard, English,

Soldiers cartoon # 2012-11-26 (4 of 23)

Trojan Dog

KEYWORD1 2012-11-26 trojan horse trojan trojans horse horses animal animals disguise

Soldiers cartoon # 2012-06-11 (5 of 23)

Trojan Rocking Horse

KEYWORD1 2012-06-11 greek greeks grecian greece troy trojan trojans trojan horse

Soldiers cartoon # 2012-03-07 (6 of 23)

Trojan Man

KEYWORD1 2012-03-07 trojan trojans horse horses attack attacking sneak attack attacks

Soldiers cartoon # 2012-01-07 (7 of 23)

Grecian Hair Formula

KEYWORD1 2012-01-07 man men hair hairs bald baldness grecian formula lotion

Soldiers cartoon # 2011-11-16 (8 of 23)


KEYWORD1 2011-11-16 fight fights fighting war wars defend defending defense

cartoon # 2011-08-28 (9 of 23)

Real Thumb War

KEYWORD1 2011-08-28 kid kids child children play playing 1 2

Soldiers cartoon # 2011-01-10 (10 of 23)

Bubble Breathing Dragon

KEYWORD1 2011-01-10 defend defending defense soldier soldiers knight knights protect

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