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Senators cartoon # 2014-11-04 (1 of 9)

Pundits Predict Debate Winner

debate, rock, scissors, podium, pundit, prediction, win, reporter,

Senators cartoon # 2014-02-17 (2 of 9)

Dog Needs New Speech Writer

dog, public speaking, politics, speech writer, meow, language, new, speech,

Senators cartoon # 2013-11-05 (3 of 9)

Powerful Lobby Lobby

politics, senator, lobby, lobbyist, foyer, negotiate, persuade, government, finance,

Senators cartoon # 2011-01-14 (4 of 9)

Capitol Hill Windmills

KEYWORD1 2011-01-14 debate debates debating energy energy policy energy policies argue argu

Senators cartoon # 2008-11-04 (5 of 9)

Robot wins electronic voting election.

KEYWORD1 2008-11-04 vot votes voting voter voters voting machine voting machines electronic

Senators cartoon # 2008-11-01 (6 of 9)

Cat Video Ruins Devil Reputation

KEYWORD1 2008-11-01 politics political political career devil satan lucifer evil youtube

Senators cartoon # 2007-09-24 (7 of 9)

Pencils' Presidential Campaign Debates

KEYWORD1 2007-09-24 pencil pencils debate debates debating debated eraser erasers

Senators cartoon # 2006-11-07 (8 of 9)

Battling Political Campaign Signs

KEYWORD1 2006-11-07 neighborhood neighborhoods election elections voting votes vote voter

Senators cartoon # 1994-02-28 (9 of 9)


KEYWORD1 1994-02-28 lobby lobbying lobbyist lobbyists tom career careers career change

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