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Santa cartoon # 2014-12-26 (1 of 132)

Christmas Tree Therapy

christmas tree, gifts, therapy, sad, selfish, depressed, under,

Santa cartoon # 2014-12-25 (2 of 132)

My Gargantuan Pony

godzilla, pony, my little pony, present, christmas, parents, kid, toy, gargantuan,

Santa cartoon # 2014-12-24 (3 of 132)

Elf Initiation

elf, santa, sit, chair, initiation, group, prank,

Santa cartoon # 2014-12-23 (4 of 132)

Santa’s Drones

santa, drone, fly, deliver, present, wall, crash, beta test, fail, accident, airplane,

Santa cartoon # 2014-12-22 (5 of 132)

Giant Show Stocking

santa, christmas, nursery rhyme, old woman who lived in a shoe, stocking, outside,

Santa cartoon # 2014-12-19 (6 of 132)

Rudolph Texts and Guides

reindeer, texting, smartphone, accident, crash, sleigh, guide, rudolph, brag,

Santa cartoon # 2014-12-11 (7 of 132)

Fruitcake Damages Roof

santa, sleigh, drop, fruitcake, sky, roof, break, accident, christmas, damage,

Santa cartoon # 2013-12-24 (8 of 132)

Santa’s Rolling Stones Ringtone

ringtone, cellphone, santa, children, song, want, rolling stones, lyrics,

cartoon # 2013-12-22 (9 of 132)

Elves Work To Santa’s Playlist

elves, santa, song, playlist, narcissist, holiday song, toy,

Santa cartoon # 2013-12-16 (10 of 132)

Santa See Naughty People

santa, psychiatrist, naughty, confess,

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