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Rule cartoon # 2014-06-12 (1 of 55)

Teen Laptop’s Easy Password

computer, teenager, parenting, password, easy, protection, danger, safety, reprimand,

cartoon # 2014-03-30 (2 of 55)

Adam’s Strudel Recipe

adam, eve, garden of eden, apple, optimist, banish, punish, eat, recipe, bake, god,

Rule cartoon # 2014-01-14 (3 of 55)

Chess Pieces Watch Taken

chess, chess piece, king, queen, knight, rook, bishop, pawn, taken, movie,

Rule cartoon # 2013-11-16 (4 of 55)

Cat Physics

cat, cat owner, petting, pain, physics, rule, claw, pleasure, purr,

Rule cartoon # 2013-05-15 (5 of 55)

piñata, children, hitting, stick, dangerous, beta, rules,

piñata, children, hitting, stick, dangerous, beta, rules,

Rule cartoon # 2013-04-18 (6 of 55)

Pez Stores Belongings In Underhead Compartment

pez, candy, airplane, flight, stewardess, store, underhead, compartment,

Rule cartoon # 2013-03-27 (7 of 55)

Father Texts Daughter At Dinner

family, cellphone, texting, dinner table, manners, behavior, communication,

Rule cartoon # 2013-03-20 (8 of 55)

Five-Second  Food Rule Doesn’t Apply with Dogs

dogs, food, crumbs, clean, five-second rule, sanitary,

Rule cartoon # 2012-10-05 (9 of 55)

Clsasrroom Slippery Slope With Gum

teacher, students, gum chewing,

Rule cartoon # 2012-06-29 (10 of 55)

Prune Juice Pong

KEYWORD1 2012-06-29 drink drinking imbibe imbibing alcohol liquor beer wine

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