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Ruining cartoon # 2014-07-22 (1 of 43)

Fall Of Rugzilla

cat, rug, rugzilla, sci fi, ruin, scratch, destroy, save, destruction,

Ruining cartoon # 2014-06-23 (2 of 43)

Sky Message Ruined

sky, message, geese, pattern, ruin, love, relationship, less than, math, sign,

Ruining cartoon # 2014-06-09 (3 of 43)

Finger Photobombing

photograph, finger, photobomb, ruin, lens, camera, hobby, gallery,

Ruining cartoon # 2013-11-26 (4 of 43)

Turkey’s Duck Lips

turkey, self portrait, camera, duck lips, embarrassing,

Ruining cartoon # 2013-10-21 (5 of 43)

Mummy Needs Bandage Change

Mummy has to change bandages after being scared.

cartoon # 2013-10-06 (6 of 43)

Immune To Weed Whacker

weed whacker, landscaping, weed, flower, ruin, kill, yard, home improvement,

Ruining cartoon # 2013-09-04 (7 of 43)

Adding Frames To Paintings

art, glasses, frames, deface, mona lisa, the scream, museum, misunderstand, painting, painter,

Ruining cartoon # 2013-09-02 (8 of 43)

Grill Tips Fire

grilling, fire, burn, tablet, tips, distracted, attention,

cartoon # 2013-08-11 (9 of 43)

Boy Portrait Bombs Mona Lisa

mona lisa, leonardo da vinci, portrait, painting, photo bomb, ruin, sneak,

Ruining cartoon # 2013-06-12 (10 of 43)

Couch Shopping Cat Scratches Tablet Screen

cat, tablet, screen, scratched, claw, shop, couch, apologize,

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