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Rude cartoon # 2014-08-11 (1 of 59)

Bird Tweets During Meal

bird, dinner, tweet, twitter, social networking, impolite, disruption, meal,

Rude cartoon # 2014-05-31 (2 of 59)

Online Cat Fights

cat, computer, internet, fight, meow, hiss, discussion, angry, chat,

Rude cartoon # 2014-03-14 (3 of 59)

Response Depends On Finger

text, rudeness, polite, middle finger, response, curse, communication, cell phone,

Rude cartoon # 2013-12-21 (4 of 59)

Gift Warping

gift, wrapping, warping, change, customer service, dissatisfied, read, holiday,

Rude cartoon # 2013-09-27 (5 of 59)

Students Like Origami Paper Airplanes

teacher, classroom, students, origami, paper airplane, unruly,

cartoon # 2013-06-02 (6 of 59)

Nurse’s Patience Monitor

medicine, hospital, nurse, patient, complain, criticism, patience, monitor,

Rude cartoon # 2013-03-27 (7 of 59)

Father Texts Daughter At Dinner

family, cellphone, texting, dinner table, manners, behavior, communication,

Rude cartoon # 2012-08-13 (8 of 59)

Eat Like No One Is Watching

KEYWORD1 2012-08-13 husband husbands wife wives marriage marriages relationship relationshi

Rude cartoon # 2012-04-06 (9 of 59)

What Would You Sneeze

KEYWORD1 2012-04-06 john quinones celebrity celebrities famous fame television televisions

Rude cartoon # 2012-04-05 (10 of 59)

Webbed Venus Fly Trap

KEYWORD1 2012-04-05 spider spiders bug bugs insect insects web webs

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