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Relationships cartoon # 2013-12-06 (51 of 897)

Cell’s Birthday Wish

relationship, cell, divide, birthday, request, sexy, erotic, fantasy,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-11-22 (52 of 897)

Death By Chocolate For Dog

dog, restaurant, order, menu, dessert, chocolate, death, wife,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-11-19 (53 of 897)

Pork As Side Dish

restaurant, side dish, pork, overindulge, food,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-10-19 (54 of 897)

Pumpkin’s Wandering Vines

Pumpkin is tired of husband’s wandering vines touching other pumpkins.

Relationships cartoon # 2013-10-16 (55 of 897)

Female Werewolf’s Long Change

Werewolves will be late because wife is taking forever to change.

cartoon # 2013-10-13 (56 of 897)

Stick People Car Bumper Sticker

car, family, sticker, personalized, surprise, opposite, stick people, drive,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-10-12 (57 of 897)

Owl Sneaks Home In Day

Owl wife catches husband sneaking back home during day.

Relationships cartoon # 2013-10-08 (58 of 897)

Frankenstein’s Tattoo Came With Body

frankenstein, wife, tattoo, cheating, body, promise, jealousy, angry, relationship,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-09-26 (59 of 897)

Checkers Piece Pick Up Line

checkers, king me, pieces, board game, flirt, pick up line, jump,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-09-24 (60 of 897)

Cheating Dog Pretend Throws

dog, cheat, throw, ball, pretend, wife, husband, return, dumb,

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