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Relationships cartoon # 2014-02-13 (31 of 887)

Cupid’s Arrow Hits Metal

cupid, valentine’s day, shoot, aim, piercing, metal, jewelry, hit, arrow,

Relationships cartoon # 2014-02-10 (32 of 887)

Angry Birds In Love

angry birds, anger, yell, love, dating, relationships, compliment, video game,

Relationships cartoon # 2014-02-07 (33 of 887)

Dog Gets Dog For Companionship

dog, cheat, adultery, companion, travel, work, husband, wife, away, lonely,

Relationships cartoon # 2014-02-03 (34 of 887)

Man Showers With Dolphin

dolphin, swim, shower, bath, obsession, together, man, bathroom,

Relationships cartoon # 2014-01-28 (35 of 887)

Toucan Wants To Squawk

toucan, bird, squawk, talk, argument, marriage,

Relationships cartoon # 2014-01-24 (36 of 887)

Cat Searches For Match

cat, dating, online, pee, rug, match, social networking, hobby,

Relationships cartoon # 2014-01-23 (37 of 887)

Cover Gingerbread In Whipped Cream

gingerbread, whipped cream, cover, kinky, weird, icing, gingerbread man,

cartoon # 2014-01-12 (38 of 887)

Ladder On Head

doctor, husband, complain, wife, ladder, hit, head, home improvement, diagnose,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-12-31 (39 of 887)

Box Of Wine Boyfriend

wine, bottle, box, boyfriend, girlfriend, dating, surprised, disapprove, cheap,

Relationships cartoon # 2013-12-09 (40 of 887)

Mrs. Claus Cheats With Impostor

santa, fake, cheat, mrs claus, impostor, excuse, real,

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