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Promotion cartoon # 2013-05-11 (1 of 14)

Sharks Bites Off Fish’s Evolutionary Legs


shark, fish, legs, eat, bite, evolution, ocean, setback, prey, predator,

Promotion cartoon # 2011-04-25 (2 of 14)

Status Update Insults Boss

KEYWORD1 2011-04-25 work workplace workplaces job jobs employment employee employees

Promotion cartoon # 2010-05-01 (3 of 14)

Mayfly in Five Minutes

KEYWORD1 2010-05-01 mayfly mayflies bug bugs insect insects lifespan time

Promotion cartoon # 2009-03-17 (4 of 14)

Green Lights for St. Patrick’s Day

KEYWORD1 2009-03-17 marketing failure #317 promoting st. patrick’s day by maki

Promotion cartoon # 2005-12-03 (5 of 14)

Useful Music Advisory Stickers

KEYWORD1 2005-12-03 warning warnings caution cautions advisory advisories sticker stickers

Promotion cartoon # 2003-11-10 (6 of 14)


KEYWORD1 2003-11-10 work job jobs employment employee employees employer employers

Promotion cartoon # 2001-05-07 (7 of 14)


KEYWORD1 2001-05-07 cat cats feline felines pet pets animal animals

Promotion cartoon # 1999-03-22 (8 of 14)


KEYWORD1 1999-03-22 2004-11-12 work workplace workplaces job jobs employment employee

Promotion cartoon # 1996-11-13 (9 of 14)


KEYWORD1 1996-11-13 crab crabs crustacean crustaceans work workplace workplaces job

Promotion cartoon # 1995-04-08 (10 of 14)


KEYWORD1 1995-04-08 victor's secret sale sales buy buying shop shopping specialty stor

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