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Prison cartoon # 2013-09-28 (1 of 50)

Socrates’s Hemlock Organic

socrates, greek, hemlock, organic, death, poisonous,

Prison cartoon # 2013-02-22 (2 of 50)

Full Beak Reveals Pelican Thief

pelican, thief, police, rob, beak, hide,

Prison cartoon # 2012-12-21 (3 of 50)

Police find Santa’s fingerprints are Jewish residence.

Santa Claus, police, breaking, fingerprints, Jewish,

Prison cartoon # 2012-12-15 (4 of 50)

Consumer Police Reports 16

consumer police reports,

Prison cartoon # 2012-12-01 (5 of 50)

Stole Your Glasses

KEYWORD1 2012-12-01 steal steals stealing thief thieves pickpocket pick pocket pickpockets

Prison cartoon # 2011-02-23 (6 of 50)

Consumer Police Reports

KEYWORD1 2011-02-23 consumer consumers cop cops police policeman policemen police officer

Prison cartoon # 2009-11-06 (7 of 50)

Bailiff Escorts Defendant

KEYWORD1 2009-11-06 court courts courtroom bailiff bailiffs judge judges defendant

Prison cartoon # 2009-10-16 (8 of 50)

Torture Chamber of Commerce

KEYWORD1 2009-10-16 chamber chamber torture chamber torture money commerce currency finance

Prison cartoon # 2009-10-14 (9 of 50)

Inmate to Be Let Go

KEYWORD1 2009-10-14 warden incarceration wardens prison prisons prisoner prisoners jail

Prison cartoon # 2009-08-18 (10 of 50)

Long Grammar Prison Sentence

KEYWORD1 2009-08-18 and i also enjoy lawn care and yard work but my indoor hobbies are collecting

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