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Parade cartoon # 2009-07-07 (1 of 7)

Marching Band Dance

KEYWORD1 2009-07-07 ooh! ted didn’t tell me they added dancing to the routine

Parade cartoon # 2004-08-23 (2 of 7)


KEYWORD1 2004-08-23 medical medicine health healthcare health care doctor doctors physician

Parade cartoon # 2004-04-07 (3 of 7)


KEYWORD1 2004-04-07 story stories literature children story children stories children's

cartoon # 2002-11-24 (4 of 7)


KEYWORD1 2002-11-24 thanksgiving seasonal seasons november parade thanksgiving parade macys

cartoon # 1999-11-21 (5 of 7)


KEYWORD1 1999-11-21 macy macy's thanksgiving holiday holidays parade parades balloon

cartoon # 1998-11-22 (6 of 7)


KEYWORD1 1998-11-22 macy macy’s thanksgiving holiday holidays parade para

cartoon # 1995-11-19 (7 of 7)

Big Bird Parade

KEYWORD1 1995-11-19 parade parades parody parodies sesame street muppet muppets puppet

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