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Oscars cartoon # 2007-12-15 (1 of 5)

Child Acting Awards

KEYWORD1 2007-12-15 act acts acting actor actors actress actresses ceilia

Oscars cartoon # 2007-05-05 (2 of 5)


KEYWORD1 2007-05-05 award awards bend bent acceptance speech forget forgot husband

Oscars cartoon # 2005-02-26 (3 of 5)

Award Category for Sound Effects

KEYWORD1 2005-02-26 sound sounds sound effect sound effects noise noises award awards

Oscars cartoon # 2005-02-11 (4 of 5)

Stopping Chatty Guests with Music like Award Shows

KEYWORD1 2005-02-11 music boom box boom boxes stereo stereos award show award shows cue

Oscars cartoon # 1992-10-24 (5 of 5)


KEYWORD1 1992-10-24 jake oscar oscars academy award academy awards movie movies film

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