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Optometrist cartoon # 2014-12-31 (1 of 33)

Surgery To Fix Fireworks

eye, vision, fireworks, love, dating, surgery, exam, fix,

Optometrist cartoon # 2014-06-26 (2 of 33)

Fly’s Millifocal Lenses

fly, eye, vision, glasses, optometrist, optician, bifocal, millifocal, age, old, lens,

Optometrist cartoon # 2014-03-25 (3 of 33)

Eye For Talent

doctor, patient, cartoon, comic strip, character, eye, ophthalmologist, vision, talent,

cartoon # 2014-01-19 (4 of 33)

Doctor’s Illegible Eye Chart

doctor, optometrist, eye chart, letter, illegible, exam, read, identify,

Optometrist cartoon # 2013-09-04 (5 of 33)

Adding Frames To Paintings

art, glasses, frames, deface, mona lisa, the scream, museum, misunderstand, painting, painter,

Optometrist cartoon # 2010-07-28 (6 of 33)

Customers Can’t Find Opticians

KEYWORD1 2010-07-28 optician opticians optometrist optometrists ophthalmologist ophthalmologi

Optometrist cartoon # 2010-07-02 (7 of 33)

Pizza Hit Eye Like Moon Pie

KEYWORD1 2010-07-02 medical medicine health healthcare health care doctor doctors physician

Optometrist cartoon # 2009-07-01 (8 of 33)

Anime Origin

KEYWORD1 2009-07-01 the origin of anime dilating drops ace optical supplies big eyes comic co

Optometrist cartoon # 2008-04-03 (9 of 33)

Contact Lens Case Caps

KEYWORD1 2008-04-03 eye eyes see seeing eye doctor eye doctors optometry optometrist

Optometrist cartoon # 2004-01-20 (10 of 33)


KEYWORD1 computer computers technology software hardware virtual virtual dentist problem pr

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