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Medical cartoon # 2015-02-04 (1 of 502)

Paper Ripped By Rock

game, doctor, patient, hurt, paper, rock paper scissors, hole, cocky, win, lose,

Medical cartoon # 2014-12-31 (2 of 502)

Surgery To Fix Fireworks

eye, vision, fireworks, love, dating, surgery, exam, fix,

Medical cartoon # 2014-11-17 (3 of 502)

Wizard’s Whiz Problem

wizard, doctor, exam, aging, old, pee, urination, problem, question,

Medical cartoon # 2014-09-16 (4 of 502)

Surgery Cat Nap

cat, doctor, surgery, sleep, inconvenient, loyal, nuisance, operation, operations, pet owner, pet ow

Medical cartoon # 2014-08-16 (5 of 502)

Zombie Zero Blood Pressure

zombie, doctor, blood pressure, test, exam, zero, dead, health,

Medical cartoon # 2014-08-01 (6 of 502)

Pill For Peacock Tail Dysfunction

peacock, tail, feather, attract, dysfunction, pill, remedy, disappointed, solution,

Medical cartoon # 2014-07-18 (7 of 502)

Mickey’s Descending Ear

mickey mouse, doctor, reassure, ear, descend, worry, circle, ball, normal,

Medical cartoon # 2014-06-30 (8 of 502)

C3PO Can’t Read Script

star wars, c3po, fluent, language, pharmacy, prescription, doctor, illegible, handwriting,

Medical cartoon # 2014-06-19 (9 of 502)

Specialist For Stone

sword, stone, medical, stuck, pull, specialist, problem,

Medical cartoon # 2014-05-28 (10 of 502)

Distracted Grim Reaper

grim reaper, death, patient, doctor, distracted, smartphone, wrong, attention,

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