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Math cartoon # 2014-09-19 (1 of 49)

Sneeze Scatters Numbers

math, chalkboard, teacher, class, number, sneeze, scatter,

Math cartoon # 2014-09-08 (2 of 49)

Pi Goes On Forever

number, party, mingle, talk, bored, 5, pi, flirt, self-absorbed,

Math cartoon # 2014-06-23 (3 of 49)

Sky Message Ruined

sky, message, geese, pattern, ruin, love, relationship, less than, math, sign,

Math cartoon # 2014-01-25 (4 of 49)

Snowman Meets Rain Man

frosty the snowman, movie, rain man, dustin hoffman, idiot savant, math, numbers, intelligent, snowf

Math cartoon # 2012-10-10 (5 of 49)

Frankenstein solves Einstein’s equation with fire = bad.

Frenkenstein, scientist, equation, fire = bad

Math cartoon # 2012-09-12 (6 of 49)

Multiply Sheep

KEYWORD1 2012-09-12 sheep anthropomorphic animal animals mammal mammals sleep sleeping

cartoon # 2011-11-13 (7 of 49)

Island Catapulting

KEYWORD1 2011-11-13 island islands deserted deserted island deserted islands stranded shark

Math cartoon # 2011-11-08 (8 of 49)

Island Tie Vote

KEYWORD1 2011-11-08 island islands deserted deserted island deserted islands tie ties tied

cartoon # 2011-05-15 (9 of 49)

Twins’ Equal Slices

KEYWORD1 2011-05-15 party parties get together get togethers celebrate celebrates celebratin

Math cartoon # 2011-01-05 (10 of 49)

Birds In Snowman Hands

KEYWORD1 2011-01-05 snowman snowmen a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush clichÃ&c

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