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cartoon # 2014-06-29 (1 of 16)

God’s Thunder Tryouts

god, audition, thunder, noise, loud, sound, drum, disappoint, thor,

cartoon # 2014-02-09 (2 of 16)

Frosty Lights Corncob Pipe

frosty the snowman, winter, melt, pipe, light, face, missing, dangerous,

cartoon # 2012-11-11 (3 of 16)

Wife Dislikes Light Up Pants

pants, lights, seated, complaining, fashion, clothing

Lighting cartoon # 2011-08-04 (4 of 16)

Honeysuckle Candle Bees

KEYWORD1 2011-08-04 fish smell smells scent scents smelly refresh refreshing

Lighting cartoon # 2011-07-04 (5 of 16)

Firework Spark in Bed

KEYWORD1 2011-07-04 anthropomorphic spark sparks sparking fire light lights lighting

Lighting cartoon # 2010-12-09 (6 of 16)

More Menorah

KEYWORD1 2010-12-09 present presents gift gifts hanukkah chanukah jewish holiday

Lighting cartoon # 2010-07-07 (7 of 16)

Self-Conscious Museum Custodian

KEYWORD1 2010-07-07 art arts painting paintings drawing drawings sculpture sculptures

Lighting cartoon # 2007-11-10 (8 of 16)

Moth in Fly's Spotlight at Talk Show Interview

KEYWORD1 2007-11-10 spotlight spotlights fly flies moth moths bug bugs

Lighting cartoon # 2007-07-02 (9 of 16)


KEYWORD1 2007-07-02 fourth of july 4th of july july 4th july fourth independence day freedom

Lighting cartoon # 2007-05-02 (10 of 16)


KEYWORD1 2007-05-02 bulb bulbs light bulb light bulbs factory factories compact fluorescent

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