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Job cartoon # 2015-01-23 (1 of 364)

NSA Mom Helps With Where’s Waldo

2015-01-23, work, workplace, workplaces, job, jobs, employment, employee, employees, employer, emplo

Job cartoon # 2015-01-17 (2 of 364)

Hiccup In Sales

presentation, line graph, dip, sales, hiccup, wrong, jagged, work, employee,

Job cartoon # 2014-12-17 (3 of 364)

Lester Is Out

christmas lights, bulb, branch, workplace, out, boss, employee,

Job cartoon # 2014-11-18 (4 of 364)

Turkey Stunt Double

turkey, stunt double, die, replace, naïve, kill, chop, head,

Job cartoon # 2014-11-06 (5 of 364)

Leonard McCoy At Poetry Slam

poetry, poetry slam, leonard mccoy, job, live, speak,

Job cartoon # 2014-09-12 (6 of 364)

Angels’ Thunderstorm Job

angel, rain, thunderstorm, lightning, job, easy, hard, jealous,

cartoon # 2014-06-29 (7 of 364)

God’s Thunder Tryouts

god, audition, thunder, noise, loud, sound, drum, disappoint, thor,

Job cartoon # 2014-06-25 (8 of 364)

Working From Home Umpire

working from home, baseball, coach, misunderstand, referee, annoyed, lazy, relax,

Job cartoon # 2014-04-14 (9 of 364)

Workaholic Bed Bug

bed bug, workaholic, dedicated, sleep, bed, bedroom, work, awake,

Job cartoon # 2014-02-24 (10 of 364)

Cat Orders More Pencils

cat, work, boss, order, pencil, secretary, desk, under, play, stuck, lost,

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