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Irish cartoon # 2014-03-17 (1 of 27)

Green Fungus For St. Patrick’s Day

doctor, diagnose, patient, fungus, green, bad news, good news, st. patrick’s day, timely,

cartoon # 2014-03-16 (2 of 27)

Suit Shades Of Green

leprechaun, saint patrick’s day, hue, color, green, suit, decide, decision, choose, dressed,

cartoon # 2013-03-17 (3 of 27)

Saint Patrick’s Day Green Character Party

uninvited, character, green, party, saint patrick’s day, pink panther, color, parody,

Irish cartoon # 2013-03-16 (4 of 27)

Leprechaun’s 50 Shades Of Green

saint patrick’s day, leprechaun, flirting, books, 50 shades of grey,

Irish cartoon # 2012-03-17 (5 of 27)

Leprechaun Clear Skies

KEYWORD1 2012-03-17 saint patrick’s day st. patrick’s day

Irish cartoon # 2011-03-17 (6 of 27)

Lucky Gets Lucky

KEYWORD1 2011-03-17 parody parodies party parties partying gang gangs friend

Irish cartoon # 2010-03-17 (7 of 27)

Wife Goes Green

KEYWORD1 2010-03-17 st. patricks day st. patrick’s day holiday holidays iri

Irish cartoon # 2010-03-16 (8 of 27)

Dirty Harry Meets Leprechaun

KEYWORD1 2010-03-16 clint eastwood eastwood dirty harry fictional character fictional characte

Irish cartoon # 2009-03-17 (9 of 27)

Green Lights for St. Patrick’s Day

KEYWORD1 2009-03-17 marketing failure #317 promoting st. patrick’s day by maki

Irish cartoon # 2008-03-17 (10 of 27)

The Four-Leaf Clover

KEYWORD1 2008-03-17 saint patrick's day st. patrick's day saint patricks day st. patr

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