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Intelligent cartoon # 2014-09-13 (1 of 34)

Unimpressed By Artificial Intelligence

robot, party, dating, unimpressed, impression, stupid, artificial intelligence, fake,

Intelligent cartoon # 2014-07-29 (2 of 34)

Fortune Cookie Guru

hike, mountain, hiker, guru, fortune cookie, read, advice, disappointment,

Intelligent cartoon # 2014-06-30 (3 of 34)

C3PO Can’t Read Script

star wars, c3po, fluent, language, pharmacy, prescription, doctor, illegible, handwriting,

Intelligent cartoon # 2014-03-10 (4 of 34)

Rat Motivated By Bacon

rat, maze, experiment, cheese, bacon, delicious, motivation, reward, time,

Intelligent cartoon # 2014-01-25 (5 of 34)

Snowman Meets Rain Man

frosty the snowman, movie, rain man, dustin hoffman, idiot savant, math, numbers, intelligent, snowf

Intelligent cartoon # 2013-08-01 (6 of 34)

Dunder Head Parodies Wonder Bread

dunder head, wonder bread, parody, brand, dumb, brain, intelligence,

Intelligent cartoon # 2013-07-24 (7 of 34)

Brain Throb Nerd

nerd, brain, smart, study, admire, brain throb, crush, teenager, love,

Intelligent cartoon # 2013-05-09 (8 of 34)

Sharks Bites Off Fish’s Evolutionary Legs

shark, fish, legs, eat, bite, evolution, ocean, setback, prey, predator,

Intelligent cartoon # 2012-12-04 (9 of 34)

The Nonthinker vs The Thinker Statue

The Thinker, statue, sculpture, rodin,

cartoon # 2012-07-29 (10 of 34)

Smarter-Vac Confirms Cleaning Objects

smart, vacuum, confirming, suck, floor, ring, lego

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