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Inappropriate cartoon # 2015-02-02 (1 of 26)

Groundhog’s Worst Gift

groundhog, groundhog day, gift, worst, disappoint, sundial, predict, shadow,

Inappropriate cartoon # 2014-05-24 (2 of 26)

Weird Al’s Moonshine

weird al, mother, sing, song, lullaby, moonshine, sunshine, alcohol, young, baby,

Inappropriate cartoon # 2013-11-28 (3 of 26)

Dog Eats Turkey During Grace

dog, eat, table, turkey, focus, thanksgiving, thankful, dog owner, shocking, inappropriate, behavior

Inappropriate cartoon # 2013-01-24 (4 of 26)

Student Reaches 500 Word Requirement .....

student, teacher, assignment, writing, adjective, noun, descriptive, words, requirement,

Inappropriate cartoon # 2013-01-16 (5 of 26)

Flash Cards Flash Hosts

flash card, nude, flashing, naked, guest, host, invitation,

Inappropriate cartoon # 2013-01-15 (6 of 26)

Doctors Play Organ Catch

doctors, medical, surgery, organs, catch, throw, boredom, playing,

Inappropriate cartoon # 2012-12-19 (7 of 26)

Snowman hands are large branches


snowman, relationship, all hands, grope,

cartoon # 2012-05-13 (8 of 26)

Vacuum Purchase Waiver

KEYWORD1 2012-05-13 mother’s day mothers day mothers’ day

cartoon # 2012-03-25 (9 of 26)

Channel Creativity

KEYWORD1 2012-03-25 teach teacher teachers teaching class classroom classes classrooms

Inappropriate cartoon # 2012-03-01 (10 of 26)

Pinching of Nutmeg

KEYWORD1 2012-03-01 anthropomorphic inanimate object inanimate objects spice spices nutmeg b

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