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Highways cartoon # 2015-02-21 (1 of 26)

Get On Route 66

kick, butt, route 66, question, get, receive, pain,

Highways cartoon # 2014-09-20 (2 of 26)

Roadkill Funeral

roadkill, funeral, coffin, possum, flattened, interstate, crossing, dead, car,

Highways cartoon # 2014-07-17 (3 of 26)

HOV Lane Stopped Clown Cars

clown, car, highway, hov lane, traffic, slow, fast, speed, pass, many, solo, commute, driver,

Highways cartoon # 2013-04-11 (4 of 26)

Many Rest Stops For Driving Cat

nap, rest stop, many, cat, driving, car, road trip,

cartoon # 2013-01-06 (5 of 26)

Pollution As Snowman’s Spray Tan

snowman, winter, exhaust, pollution, spray tan, car, road,

cartoon # 2012-06-10 (6 of 26)

How’s Your Driving

KEYWORD1 2012-06-10 car cars auto autos automobile automobiles vehicle vehicles

cartoon # 2011-01-16 (7 of 26)

Helicopter Traffic

KEYWORD1 2011-01-16 traffic car cars auto autos automobile automobiles vehicle

cartoon # 2010-03-28 (8 of 26)

Mouse Exit

KEYWORD1 2010-03-28 cat cats feline felines pet pets animal animals

Highways cartoon # 2010-01-05 (9 of 26)

Safety Council Distracted Driver

KEYWORD1 2010-01-05 safety driving work distracted distract distraction distracted driver d

Highways cartoon # 2008-10-24 (10 of 26)

Cars with speedometer displays.

KEYWORD1 2008-10-24 marketing speed speeding speeds speedometer speedometers police police

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