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Heat cartoon # 2015-02-27 (1 of 57)

Tough Snowball in Hell

snowball, chance, hell, tough, hardy, survive, melt, refuse, hot,

Heat cartoon # 2015-02-25 (2 of 57)

Menopause saves on heating bills

signs, indication, indications, reduce, reducing, energy, efficient,

Heat cartoon # 2014-12-16 (3 of 57)

Hotter Menorah

candlestick, fire, hot, physical appearance, pretty, man, woman, jealous, accuse,

Heat cartoon # 2014-07-02 (4 of 57)

Overdressed For Desert


overdressed, lost, desert, stranded, hot, heat, sand, suit,

cartoon # 2014-02-09 (5 of 57)

Frosty Lights Corncob Pipe

frosty the snowman, winter, melt, pipe, light, face, missing, dangerous,

Heat cartoon # 2013-08-31 (6 of 57)

Devil Admires Horns

devil, envy, horn, curl, product, admire, compliment,

Heat cartoon # 2013-01-18 (7 of 57)

Wines’ Thermostat Set Too Cold

wine, temperature, hot, cold, serve, chilled, bottle,

Heat cartoon # 2012-07-14 (8 of 57)

Shedding Avalanche

KEYWORD1 2012-07-14 bug bugs anthropomorphic avalanche pest pests parasite parasites

Heat cartoon # 2012-06-27 (9 of 57)

Thirsty Tiger

KEYWORD1 2012-06-27 tiger tigers animal animals anthropomorphic mammal mammals water buffal

Heat cartoon # 2012-02-20 (10 of 57)

Lincoln’s Formal Hat

KEYWORD1 2012-02-20 hat hats abraham lincoln lincoln abe president presidents president&aci

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