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Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-02-14 (1 of 206)

Plucked Petals

valentine's day, present, flowers, bud, check, love, relationship, insecure,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-02-11 (2 of 206)

Hibernates Around

bear, drinking, bar, warn, hibernate, loose, sex, attracted,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-02-09 (3 of 206)

Unfrosting With Eyes

gingerbread, frosting, undress, boyfriend, girlfriend, imagine, naked,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-02-02 (4 of 206)

Groundhog’s Worst Gift

groundhog, groundhog day, gift, worst, disappoint, sundial, predict, shadow,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-01-26 (5 of 206)

No Intimacy Snoopy

dog, snoopy, alone, headboard, sleep, complain, relationship, dating, intimacy,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-01-16 (6 of 206)

Snowman Roleplay

snowman, roleplay, head, hat, relationship, kinky, sexy, pretend,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-01-13 (7 of 206)

Sabertooth Bad Kisser

sabertooth tiger, prehistoric, kisser, kissing, criticize, bad, fang, complain,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2015-01-08 (8 of 206)

Ying Finds Yang

dating, online dating, match, ying, yang, find, search,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2014-12-31 (9 of 206)

Surgery To Fix Fireworks

eye, vision, fireworks, love, dating, surgery, exam, fix,

Girlfriend cartoon # 2014-12-16 (10 of 206)

Hotter Menorah

candlestick, fire, hot, physical appearance, pretty, man, woman, jealous, accuse,

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