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Funeral cartoon # 2014-09-20 (1 of 26)

Roadkill Funeral

roadkill, funeral, coffin, possum, flattened, interstate, crossing, dead, car,

Funeral cartoon # 2013-06-18 (2 of 26)

Closed Casket For Balloon

balloon, death, casket, funeral, recommend, closed, popped,

Funeral cartoon # 2009-04-29 (3 of 26)

Unedited Gravestone

KEYWORD1 2009-04-29 too bad his editor dies first editor editors writer writers headstone he

Funeral cartoon # 2009-03-13 (4 of 26)

Man’s Numbers Come Up

KEYWORD1 2009-03-13 they say everyone’s number eventually comes up russell de

Funeral cartoon # 2008-02-26 (5 of 26)

Screen Names, Nicknames, and Funeral Services

KEYWORD1 2008-02-26 computer computers technology internet www world wide web web roberto

Funeral cartoon # 2007-08-17 (6 of 26)

Nail in Coffin

KEYWORD1 2007-08-17 nail nails door nail door nails doornail doornails coffin coffins

Funeral cartoon # 2005-09-29 (7 of 26)


KEYWORD1 2005-09-29 coriolis coriolis effect drain drains toilet toilets flush flushes

Funeral cartoon # 2003-06-28 (8 of 26)


KEYWORD1 2003-06-28 death die coffin coffins open-casket open casket garden gardens

cartoon # 2001-01-07 (9 of 26)

Snowoman grief over husband death due to salt

funeral, snowman, salt intake, death

Funeral cartoon # 2000-03-18 (10 of 26)


KEYWORD1 2000-03-18 death die died funeral funerals eulogy eulogies church

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