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Flames cartoon # 2013-04-01 (1 of 37)

Firefighters Prank With Whoopee Cushion

fire, firefighter, prank, joke, whoopee cushion, embarrassing, rescue, jump,

Flames cartoon # 2012-05-28 (2 of 37)

Grill Wiggle Room

KEYWORD1 2012-05-28 cook cooks cooking chef chefs barbeque barbeques barbequing

Flames cartoon # 2011-07-04 (3 of 37)

Firework Spark in Bed

KEYWORD1 2011-07-04 anthropomorphic spark sparks sparking fire light lights lighting

Flames cartoon # 2011-03-19 (4 of 37)

Germophobe Birthday Candles

KEYWORD1 2011-03-19 party parties cake cakes birthday birthdays happy birthday celebrate

Flames cartoon # 2010-08-05 (5 of 37)

Perspiration Scent Candles

KEYWORD1 2010-08-05 candle candles scent scents scented smell smells smelly

Flames cartoon # 2009-12-12 (6 of 37)

Menorah-Dreidel Combo

KEYWORD1 2009-12-12 chanukah hanukkah holiday holidays Judaism jew jewish jews

Flames cartoon # 2009-11-10 (7 of 37)

Human Torch Wears Warning

KEYWORD1 2009-11-10 fantastic four marvel marvel comics comic comics human torch johnny stor

cartoon # 2009-08-23 (8 of 37)

Lightsaber Ghost Camping Stories

KEYWORD1 2009-08-23 parody parodies star wars george lucas movie movies film films

cartoon # 2009-07-05 (9 of 37)

Aromatherapy Fire

KEYWORD1 2009-07-05 fire fires fire fighter fire fighters firefighter firefighters destroy

Flames cartoon # 2009-04-22 (10 of 37)

Earth Day Cake

KEYWORD1 2009-04-22 maybe we didn’t think this through earth day happy earth

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